Sunday, August 15, 2010

Here I Am

Well, I've been thinking about this for a while, and I decided that I love makeup soooo much (and I BUY makeup sooooooo much), that I just couldn't keep my musings to myself anymore. The world really, really needs to hear my opinions on these things.....maybe I'll save you some money, but maybe I'll enable you into that new lipstick! You never know what you're going to get here.....shades of Tom Hanks, yes?

So many of the makeup blogs are written by younguns, I think that there is a need for the viewpoint of a gracefully aged 'girl' out there, so here I am. :)

Today I'm going to wax poetic about my Buxom Lipglosses. I'm a Bare Escentuals junkie (which is putting it mildly, because I pretty much would sell my soul to get the latest kit offered by Leslie), and one of my favorite BE products is the Buxom Lipgloss- these puppies last a REALLY long time, and they come in an amazing array of shades, from the palest, most delicate pink to the deepest red. Okay, not so many red ones, but there are lots of shades from which to choose - definitely something for everyone, especially when you consider that there are some 'full color' Buxoms as well. Full Color Buxoms are much more dense in color and more heavily pigmented. They are a bit much when applied straight from the tube, but when you dab a small amount on your lower lip and then spread it around the lips with your ring or pinky finger, they are stunning. My favorite is called Roxanne, and it's a lovely "your lips but better" shade.

I have not even yet touched on the wonderful minty burst that your lips are treated to when you apply a Buxom gloss! Heavens! I am spoiled forever, because now I really don't want to wear a product on my lips that does not impart a minty feeling/taste. Some people are actually bothered by this sensation, though, and have reported that their lips actually BURN from Buxom glosses. So sad, but everyone is allergic/sensitive to SOMETHING, and some people are just unlucky enough to be bothered by Buxom glosses. Thankfully, I am not in that camp.

There are also a small collection of Buxom Lipsticks at this point, which are also nice, but somewhat drying to the lips. Boo Hoo. I think that BE needs to work on the formulation a bit more, but the nice minty tingle is there. The original form of the product was called the Quick Stick, and it did not have the minty tingle and was a much more creamy formula, but no minty tingle and no saucy name. I like to put a little Buxom Gloss over the Buxom Lipstick for the best effect, but then, of course, the color wears off much more quickly, that being the nature of glosses. They wear off.