Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello, Again!

Well, I see it's been a while since I last pontificated about beauty, so here goes another round...........My husband and I took a trip to New Mexico in early June, which is a beautiful state - I highly recommend a visit there if you've never been - and I wanted to write about something that inspired me while we were there.  (Besides the jewelry and the fabulous artwork!)

We stayed for nearly a week in Santa Fe, and while we were there, I saw more older beauties walking around with their natural (and by that, of course, I mean GREY and SILVER) haircolor than I have ever seen in one place before!  It was amazing.  Perhaps it was all because of the type of energy Santa Fe seems to generate, but it seemed to me that hardly any of the women I saw there who were in my 'older' age range colored their hair.  I saw so many beautiful, natural heads of hair!  It was quite inspirational.

Let's face it, usually by the time we are fifty, many of us have lost some (if not all) of our original haircolor.  It might have been chestnut when we were in our youth, but now it's chestnut mixed with silver, or entirely silver.  Or you might have (like my mom) had glorious auburn locks, which are now not-quite-auburn-but-not-quite-silver.  Sometimes our hair stops producing whatever it was that it had when we were young, but that doesn't mean that we automatically look like our eighty-nine year old grandma.....(oh, wait, at our age, that would be our mom and not our grandma, but, in any event, you get the picture)......the women I saw striding down the streets of Santa Fe were all very vibrant, powerful, and youthful looking, in spite of their grayed/silvered heads!  It was really neat to see, and I encourage you all to re-think whether or not you really need to apply that Miss Clairol or have your hairdresser use that Goldwell next month at the salon.  Grey/silver is quite lovely, and sometimes it's not our haircolor that makes us look old, but the STYLE that our hair is in, or even the style of our clothing that makes us look (here come the dreaded words!) dowdy or frumpy. 

But that's a topic for another post. :)