Friday, December 28, 2012

Tarte Lips, Anyone?

Now that the rush of the holidays is nearly over, it's time to Talk Turkey about lips again, ladies!  I guess it's pretty obvious that lip cosmetics are my favorites, and in purchasing stocking stuffers for my four beautiful girls this year, I stumbled across a new favorite:  Maracuja Divine Shine Lipgloss from Tarte.   Yep, I confess, I buy things for other people and then want to keep them for myself.......but I didn't do it this time!  All of my girls received a lovely little tube of this gloss in their stockings.....can I help it if they came in a set of five and one of the shades would not have looked good on any of them?

This product comes in pretty packaging, as usual, but it's what's inside that is the real treat.  In the photo above (apologies for the blurred bottom tube - guess my camera has ADHD and has trouble focusing), the shade Curious is on top, and Ethereal is on the bottom.  Both shades are warm-toned, and lovely for me.  Cool skintones might not be quite as enamoured of the shades I own, but I promise, most of the color choices available are geared towards you, rather than those of us who are warm-toned.  I did not want to gross you out with photos of the product with the lid off, as this is one of those brush-topped glosses that don't look particularly pretty once they are used!  LOL  This is not my favorite type of delivery system, but it works just fine, so we will leave it at that.  However, Maureen Kelly (founder of Tarte), if you are reading this (as if!), could you consider going to a clickless, doe-foot applicator?  :)

These glosses have the trademark minty-fresh scent and taste that the Tarte Lipsurgence sticks have, and, once again, if you don't like mint, you can stop reading now.  However, if you love minty lip products the way I love minty lip products, you will not be disappointed with these.  :)  A word of warning: when you first use this product, you have to click the devil out of the little button on the bottom (which is to the left in my photo above).  Truly, I lost count when I reached 100.  So don't give up and think that the product is broken - just keep clicking and you will be rewarded with a lovely, glossy product that, when applied, actually makes older lips look young and fresh again!  Honest!  And this product contains Tarte's famous maracuja oil (derived from the Amazonian Passion Flower), which makes this a treatment product as well.  Okay, so far I have not noticed that my lips are suddenly the lips of a twentysomething, but, hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

As those of you who've read my previous posts might recall, I have a horrible problem with lip products traveling where they are unauthorized to travel on my face, namely: into the canyons above and below my lips, with which the good Lord has seen fit to gift me in my older age.  Therefore, many glosses really do not work well for me.  However, this particular product is of thicker consistency than others, and stays put very well, especially when used in conjunction with my handy-dandy Urban Decay lipliner pencil.  Thank you, Maureen Kelly!!!!  It's exciting to be able to use a gloss on older lips, because there is just something about gloss that creates a younger look.  Not TOO young, but just-right-young. :)

So if you are in the market for a new lipgloss (and who is NOT in the market for a new lipgloss, ladies?), give the Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine Lipgloss a try.  (But make sure you go to the QVC website and order it in a set, or see if Sephora still has any of the holiday packaging available, because purchased individually, they are a bit on the expensive side at $24.00........)