Monday, September 10, 2012

Let's Talk Nails

Today I'd like to share a fun nail discovery with you all.  About six weeks ago or so, my oldest daughter, Aimee, hosted a Jamberry Nails party, and it was nothing like I had imagined it would be.  Well, let's be honest here, I had not the foggiest clue as to what a "Jamberry" nail WAS, so what sort of preconceived notion of the party could I have had?  In any event, I learned about a great new product, and I am finally getting around to sharing it with you, my Fabulous Readers. :)  (You ARE out there, aren't you?)

Jamberry Nails ( is a very cool concept that I was not aware of.  I'm not really 'up' on nail stuff, though, so some of you Sophisticated Nail Mavens probably already know about products like these.  Jamberry products are something called nail shields, and they are a very easy way to give your nails (finger OR toe) a hip, happening new look, and we Old Broads can generally use a little help, can't we?

So, Jamberry Nails is a company rather like Mary Kay, where the products are sold at home parties.  To find a consultant in your area, you need to check out the aforementioned website.  I handily was just invited to a party, so there was no searching for a consultant for me. :)  At the party, you are given a short demo on how to apply the nail shield, and then you get to try a few on your own.  I only applied one, since, as usual, I was yakking away with the other attendees, and stuffing my face with the yummy treats Aimee had provided for all of us.  There might have even been a glass or two of sangria involved.........

Above is the picure I took approximately three weeks after attending the nail party.  Of course, I should have taken the picture right away, when the Nail Shield was freshly applied, but I didn't, and so you can clearly see where my nail has grown out, BUT this picture also demonstrates just how well these little suckers stay on, doesn't it? :)  They defintely stay on until you decide to take them off, if applied properly in the first place. 

Application is pretty easy.  It consists of choosing a shield that fits your nail bed width, cutting it to the general length of your nail but slightly longer, warming the shield for about ten seconds with a blowdryer (you hold onto the shield with tweezers so that you don't burn yourself), applying the shield to your nail, pressing firmly, and, finally, filing off the bit remaining that extends over the tip of your nail with a downward motion of your nail file. 

Removing the shields is also easy.  I used nail polish, but if the shields are in place for less than ten days, you can simply heat the shields with your blowdryer and break the seal at the edge of the nail by pushing up with a nail file.  They peel off quite nicely.

Below are pictures of some of the various patterns and colors that are available:

The last picture is the 'french manicure' version, which I have not yet tried out, but am looking forward to applying.  The look of a french manicure without all of the hassle.  The pictures are a very, very tiny sample of what is available.  There are shields that represent your favorite sports, shields with flowers, shields in geometric patterns, and shields that will get you noticed when you walk into a room. :)  If you like that sort of thing.

Below is a picture of my daughter Aimee's feet, which I took the other day when she was not looking.  hahahaha  She'd dolled up her toes for the trip she and two of her sisters took to Vegas recently, and I wanted you all to see how cool this product looks on toes as well.  (You can also see that the nail shields stay looking perfect long after nail polish starts to, ahem, wear....Aim, you need a fresh pedi, Dear!)  Often women will apply one shield to a ring finger nail, or a big toe nail, as my daughter has below, and then paint the rest of the nails in a coordinating color.  This stretches the product further than when you would apply shields to ALL of your nails, and is a fun accent look.

Nails are something that usually don't show your age, and we Older Beauties can follow trends for nails with little adaptation, although I confess sometimes I am shocked when I see a woman in my age category sporting Poison Green, I mean fingernails. :)  Just don't forget your handcream......with sunscreen......because our nails are surrounded by skin, and we all know what that biotch Mother Nature likes to do with our skin when we've been around the block a few times!