Friday, September 13, 2013

Nearly Autumn

Hi Ho, Beauties!

It's getting to be the most wonderful time of the year, Autumn!  I don't know why I love this time of year so, as allergies descend upon my family, and things start to dry up and turn brown, but I just do! ;)  And as I was peering at stray hairs the other day in my wonderful 10x makeup mirror, it suddenly occurred to me that I had not regaled you all with any new products for quite some time, so here I am with a few tidbits to send you scurrying out to your local Ulta or Sephora.  Or not, as the case may be.

Speaking of the stray hairs mentioned above, I just wanted to pose this question to The Universe:  What's up with the gift of coarse, dark hairs?  It's only a gift if you are Bruno Mars and want to grow a soul patch, goatee, or moustache, and that ain't me!  So thank You for the other, more happily-received gift:  Tweezerman Tweezers!  (Okay, they're not actually a gift, you have to go out and buy them....)  They are my daily companion, and oft-reached-for-multiple-times-during-the-day beauty implement.  (If only our retirement funds grew as quickly as our chin hairs, right?)  If you don't own a pair, please treat yourself!  They are the best tweezers I've ever used, and do come with a lifetime warranty for sharpening.  (Which, BTW, I have never used.....I find it easier to just purchase a new pair, but that's just me.)  They grab the teeniest little hair for quick removal, unless you don't grab it quite correctly the first time, and manage to snap it off to the point that it can no longer be grabbed, no matter how hard you dig into your epidermis!  But that's another story, a bit on the gory side.

On to the color products!  First up is a wonderful new purchase:  BeneFit's Coralista Ultra Plush lipgloss.  This stuff is fabulous!  The color is wonderful, and the taste/scent is a yummy, fruity delight!  Can you believe it, I'm touting something that's not minty, and that is rare, so for all of you Beauties out there who are not fond of mintiness, here's fruitiness!  I found my new gloss at my local Ulta, but Sephora also carries the brand, and you can also go directly to the BeneFit website:  Benefit cosmetics to purchase anything.  Coralista is billed as sheer coral, and I love it, but if you are a cool skintone, you might prefer one of the other shades of this gloss, namely Sugarbomb (shimmering pinky nude); Dandelion (soft pearly pink); Bella Bamba (sheer bright watermelon); Dallas (dusty rose), or Hoola (shimmering golden nude).  These little puppies will set you back a mere $16.00, but, seriously, $16.00 is peanuts compared to the amount of fun and color you will get from these glosses. :)  And another fun aspect of these glosses is that there are blushes to match!!!!  I did refrain from purchasing the Coralista blush, because, frankly, I own at least fifty shades of blush, and Coralista is similar to at least ten shades that already reside in my ridiculously large makeup stash, but if you are in need of a coral blush, go ahead and pick up Coralista.  Okay, they're not cheap at $28.00, but if you have some extra change burning a hole in your pocket, knock yourself out! ;)  Here is what it looks like, swatched on my wrinkly wrist:

Something about wearing a gloss just makes you feel younger and friskier, I have to say!  Of course, I would NEVER wear my gloss without a bit of lipliner to give these old lips some shape, but that's just me.  If you still have fabulous lips that don't need lining to define them, I'm green with envy.  And you're a liar. ;)  Just kidding - I know some Divas out there who shall remain nameless who even might have a few years on me, and don't have the 'travelling' problem that I have with my lipsticks and glosses, and that is wonderful!  So enjoy your gloss!  It's a relatively inexpensive way to perk up your day.

And speaking of green.......I can't believe I'm telling you this, but I recently picked up a green nailpolish that I actually think looks GOOD on me!  It's a Limited Edition polish from Urban Decay (but if you run right out, I think you will still be able to find it on the shelves at Ulta and/or Sephora - I saw some as recently as the day before yesterday) called Addiction.  It's a wonderfully complex shade of medium green, with lots and lots of shimmery specks of gold and blue in it.  I don't think that the photo I took captures the entirety of the color, but it's an idea, at least.  My twentyfive year old daughter purchased this, and when I saw her wearing it, I had to have some for myself.  She wears it as only one coat, and applying it that way makes it look like more of a khaki shade, whereas I applied two coats, and it takes on a much greener intensity.  I also applied my Seche Vite top coat for extra durability, but I must say, this stuff wears like iron!  My OPI generally chips off within hours of applying it, but I put on Addiction last Saturday, which is nearly a week, and while the tips of my nails no longer look exactly as they did an hour after application, they look good enough FOR ME! LOL  So, no longer keeping you in suspense, here is Urban Decay's Addiction in all her glory:

Oh, I forgot to tell you the price.  You are probably sitting down, right?  It's (voice goes down to a whisper) sixteendollars........sorry!  It is a bit much for nail polish, but I have yet to go through an entire bottle of nail polish, EVER, so it will last you a very long time.

And while we're on the subject of Urban Decay, I guess I should mention one other recently purchased product:  Urban Decay's Revolution Lipstick.  I'd read amazing things about it from several different beauty bloggers I follow.  They all RAVED about it.  RAVED!  So, of course, me being the Beauty Ho that I am, I ran out to find some for my little ole self.  I came home with the shade called 'Lovelight', which looked to be a nice, warm pink, a shade that would be flattering to my fair, warm skintone.  Well, Girls, I am NOT a fan.  It is NOT long-lasting, as billed, it is NOT flattering, and it is NOT worth the $22.00 I paid for it.  At all.  Now, maybe I just picked the wrong color for me, and perhaps you will find that it is wonderful stuff, but I need to go on record as saying that this was a huge disappointment for me.  Swatched below:

HOWEVER, upon looking around the Urban Decay website a bit, I DID come across this little tutorial in something that I think is pretty cool, when done in appropriately Old Broad colors for your skintone, and it can be found here:  Ombre Lips  I think this is a very cool look, and can be done appropriately for those of us who are beyond the first blush of youth.  Here is a look from the Urban Decay website: 


And that, my Beauties, is all she wrote for today!  <3

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