Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Nail Day

Hi Ho, Beauties!

Today I was inspired to change my nail color - that Urban Decay mani lasted quite a while, but it was starting to look a mite tired today (okay, it was pretty sad yesterday, too), and since the weather here in Chicagoland is absolutely wonderful today, I sat on my patio and removed the UD and freshened things up today with a lovely copper-y shade from OPI.  I believe it's from the Designer Series (you know that all that means is that it costs more than the regular shades), and it is called DS Glow.  It is similar to the UD shade in that it has little sparklies.  I must be feeling the need for sparklies these days.....in any event, here are two shots - one outdoors and one indoors.  Please ignore my less-than-lovely cuticles.  It's absolutely horrifying how well the camera captures every single flaw!  Guess that's why I rarely show my face on camera!  LOL

Here is OPI DS Glow, outdoors:

And indoors:

The indoor shot captures the sparklies much better!

I hope that you are inspired to try a new nail color today. :)

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