Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sally Hansen Gel Polish! Yes!

Oh, my, more about nails!!!  But this one is really good!  :)  My wonderful eighteen year old son gifted me with the Sally Hansen Gel Polish kit for Christmas.  Now, I ask you, how many eighteen year old boys actually pay attention to their moms?  I am blessed to have one that does.  He heard me remarking on how much I liked his girlfriend's nails (okay, maybe that was why - it had something to do with His Love! ;)), remembered it, and purchased the kit for me when it came time to scrounge up a gift at Christmas.  (And my youngest daughter bought me an 'accessory' color to use with the kit in Pink Pong that is shown below on my nails - the two of them are often co-conspirators in such things.  LOL)  In any event, pictured below is the kit that Sally Hansen has put together for those who would love to do a no-chip manicure at home.  I believe the cost of the kit is in the vicinity of $49.00; I also believe that one no-chip manicure at a salon runs not much less than that for one time.  You do the math! :)  Ca-ching!  Quite a savings.  Which, for those of us in our Golden Years, is a very nice thing.

As you can see, everything you need is supplied - step-by-step instructions; a file and orange stick; the base, color, and topcoat (conveniently labelled 1, 2, and 3); the LED lamp used for curing the manicure; the wipes that you use as the final step in the manicure; and some gel polish remover.  

I had not realized that the nails needed to be cured after each step (base, color, and topcoats), so it did take me a bit longer than I'd thought, but all in all, it was pretty simple.  You make sure that your nails are clean and dry; apply the basecoat; cure the nails under the LED light for 30 seconds (although it actually takes two minutes all told for each coat, because you insert four fingers for thirty seconds and then your thumb for thirty seconds and repeat with the other hand); apply the color; cure the nails under the LED light; apply a second coat of the color; cure the nails under the LED light; apply the topcoat; cure the nails under the LED light; wipe each nail with the special little Nail Cleanser Pad; viola!  Finished!  All told, it might take around twenty minutes when you get the steps down pat.  If you apply two coats of the main color, your total curing time will be eight minutes, I believe.  But don't trust me.  I was never all that hot with math.

The really cool thing is that when you are finished, there is no additional sitting around for twenty minutes while your nails dry! They are finished the second that you have wiped them with the Nail Cleanser Pad!  You can comb your hair, eat dinner, walk the dog.  Whatever.  It's amazing!  Of course, many of you are probably much more sophisticated than I, and have already experienced the magic of a No Chip Manicure in a salon, but, for me, it was quite a novel experience.  At this point, it's been about a week since I gave myself the manicure, and my nails are still glossy and pretty, as you can see below!  

I love this stuff, and heartily give it two thumbs up!  And the shade Pink Pong is a lovely neutral that can be worn with nearly every color in your wardrobe to good effect.  

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